People who bought tickets will be completely reimbursed. These persons will be contacted by email in the next few days.

It is very sadly that we announce that we cancel all our Fall 2015 activities in Montreal. Producing our cultural events without support has become too demanding for our little organization.

We were supposed to present supplementaries of Vertical Influences at Aréna St-Louis, in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The show was sold out in March 2015.

We were also supposed to organize festive public skating sessions (our Samedis soirs du Patin Libre), again at Aréna St-Louis.

To make this difficult decision understandable, we must explain how all our events in Montreal were organized, until now. Our organization, which is only composed by the 5 artists that you always see on the ice, organize everything by themselves.

One of artists, Pascale Jodoin, transports crates of skates to be loaned during our festive public skating sessions.

One of artists, Pascale Jodoin, transports crates of skates to be loaned during our festive public skating sessions in Montreal.

The artists pool their savings to constitute a little budget. Then, they mobilize the ice rink, promote the events, install equipments, animate the events, manage the box-office, etc. And they perform, too!

Usually, cultural events are not organized like this, directly by the artists. Cultural presenters (such as the Maisons de la Culture, in Montreal), art festivals or municipal services produce and promote the events and hire artistic companies.

Because those Montreal cultural presenters are not interested by what we do, in order to present our art at home, we replaced them and did their job ourselves. However, we do not have the governmental budgets that they have. For Le Patin Libre, everything done in Montreal is completely based on the voluntary work of our 5 artists.

One of our artists, Alexandre Hamel, distribute flyers in a subway station, for a free event of Le Patin Libre.

One of our artists, Alexandre Hamel, distribute flyers in a Montreal subway station, for a free event of Le Patin Libre.

We are more and more hired by by cultural presenters in many countries. Our international touring activities keep us very busy. And you know how much our art is physically demanding… Out of breath, we decided to cancel our Montreal events, which are even more demanding for our artists and that guarantee them no revenues.

We are simply too tired to imagine throw ourselves into postering, flyering, carrying boxes of equipment, negotiating accesses to the ice rinks, etc.

3 of our artists, Jasmin Boivin, Samory Ba and Taylor Dilley, install equipment for a show.

3 of our artists, Jasmin Boivin, Samory Ba and Taylor Dilley, install equipment for a show in a Montreal ice rink.

We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to be active in Montreal, again. And we’re working on it! We are awaiting replies from some Montreal boroughs and local cultural presenters we made propositions to. They could decide to bring back Le Patin Libre in Montreal quite soon.

Until then, here’s the programming of the closest Maison de la Culture from Aréna St-Louis: click here.

Here’s the programming of the Maison de la Culture of our neighborhood of Hochelaga : click here.

Here’s the programming of the ice rinks of the Plateau Mont-Royal: click here.

Here’s the programming of the ice rinks of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: click here.

pascale prépare éclairage

One of our artists, Pascale Jodoin prepares lighting equipment in the machine room of a Montreal ice rink, in order to set up everything very quickly, once our short period of access to the ice starts.



***** – a pure body rush of liberation and space..  – The Guardian – complete review
**** – witty and experimental… – London Evening Standard – complete review
**** –an entirely new skating experience.  – The London Times – complete review

Since most of the presentations in March 2015 were sold out, a series of supplementaries will be presented during the Fall 2015.

Recently rated amongst the 10 dance events of the 2014 year in the United Kingdom, Vertical Influences was completed in October 2014, after 2 years of work.
This double-bill first lets the audience witness the tensions and the coming-together of a group of individuals fearlessly fighting for the recognition of their uniqueness (Influences).
Then, the audience will be moved to seats on the ice.  Spectators will live an intense scenic experience a few inches away from  a joyful bunch of cheeky movement virtuosos.  This essay shines a special light on the unparalleled choreographic possibilities of glide (Vertical).

Accessible and enjoyable for families.  A perfect initiation to contemporary performing arts.



Oct. 17th 2015, 20h30*  Individual tickets:      Family special: 

Oct. 24th. 2015, 20h30  Individual tickets:    Family special: 

Nov. 7th. 2015, 20h30  Individual tickets:      Family special: 

Nov. 14th. 2015, 20h30*  Individual tickets:      Family special:

* The first and the last shows will be followed by an ice-dancing party for everybody and hosted by the artists.  Bring your skates or rent one at the show.



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Aréna St-Louis, Montréal, Mile End
5633, Rue Saint Dominique, Montréal, QC H2T 1V7
Free parking available
(near the corner of St-Viateur – metro Rosemont or Laurier)

Agrandir le plan


A party after the show?
On October 17th and November 14th, after the show, the audience will be invited to join the artists on the rink for an ice-dancing party. Bring your skates or rent some affordably (4$). Or, just take a warmth drink while watching this little craze.
Total beginners are more than welcome!
The artists will propose a playful ice-dancing initiation.

A playlist of micro-excerpts can be seen on the YouTube channel of the company

A short documentary about the last days of the production of Vertical Influences, during the Dance Umbrella festival 2014, in London.

Thanks to our production partners:

Dance Umbrella, London, Royaume-Uni
Centre National des Arts de Ottawa, Canada
Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France
Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec
Conseil des Arts du Canada
Conseil des Arts de Montréal
Jerwood Project, Royaume-Uni
Patinoire CityGlace, Le Mans, France
Patinoire Atrium du 1000, Montréal, Canada

Thanks to our partner for the Montreal series:
The Plateau Mont-Royal borough