The Mauerpark Jams – Summer 2013

Exceptionally, we will be jamming on Oderberger Str., near the entrance of Mauerpark, at around noon. There is a festival on the baskett-ball field, so we moved to an alternative location a few steps away.

On Sunday afternoons, from about noon to 14h, we will be jamming, improvising and dancing at Mauerpark, in Berlin.  Find us on the baskett-ball field in front of the amphitheatre.

We’ll do it on those Sundays: Aug.18, Aug. 25, Sept.1, Sept.15

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Is there an ice rink in Mauerpark?  Not yet.  But we have roller-skates and developed a way to dance on those, as a summer side-project.

We are currently living in Prenzlauer Berg and are happy to make this little gift to our temporary local community.

What we do on those improvised dance sessions on wheels is only spontaneous and far from the more sophisticated artistry of our creations for the ice.  But it’s still quite fun!

If you like dancing or rolling yourself, why not join in?

We hope this will convince Berliners to give us a chance to initiate them to contemporary ice skating, at our proper performances at Erika-Hess-Eisstadion, not far from Mauerpark.

We’ll be on that black square, the baskett-ball field.

A few videos of us jamming.