Skaters Anonymous

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Trailer of the piece:

Contemporary ice skating piece.  65 minutes.
By: Alexandre Hamel, Samory Ba, Taylor Dilley.  Music: Jasmin Boivin.
Artistic advisor: Pierre-Paul Savoie
Performed on a normal hockey ice rink or on a portable ice rink.

A ‘work-in-progress’ version was presented under the title “The Rule of 3”  in Auxerre (France), Troyes (France) and London (UK) between November 2012 and January 2013.

Author’s description:
Beyond it’s dark satyre of figure skating, the piece will be appreciated as a heartfelt ode to the beauty of the strange, to the grace of the wounded and to the victory of the extraordinary over the banal.



First, “Skaters Anonymous” unveils skating as a legitimate contemporary performing art. This piece is the crowning achievement of years of research toward this goal.  Here, the interprets’ virtuosity is not solely used to impress.  In this chorographical work, it allows the human body to project itself through space in a whole new way.  This emerging form is still almost unexplored.

Next, “Skaters Anonymous” deploys an original and experimental non-linear narrative using skating as a witty allegory of modern life.  The premise of the work is a satyrical mise-en-abyme: the remission of ex-figure skaters drugged with sparkles, applause and mechanical routines.  This self-derision, as dark as it is, will touch much more than skating enthusiasts.  It will touch anybody who ever reflected on the true meaning of individuality and who will dare to be submerged by the weird symbolical universe of the S.A.s…   Because, somewhere, we all need some help to get rid of our sparkles…

Media quotes

“a more thoughtful and philosophical show that enquires into the very nature of ice skating.”
–, web magazine specialized in dance, UK, 2013

“strange and wonderful choreography”
– Metro, free daily in London, UK, 2013

“contemporary circus often struggled in its infancy but has now taken over the world.  Le Patin Libre has planted a seed with the same potential to grow.”
– The Stage, British magazine specialized in performance art, UK, 2013

“Skaters Anonymous creates an explosion in a discipline looked over by art and signs it renaissance.  Congratulations to those new faces in the world of contemporary creation.
– Voir, Montreal’s prime cultural weekly magazine, Canada, 2013

“abundant visual wit, irony and sophisticated humour.”
– The Gazette, dance critic in Montreal’s prime English language daily, Canada, 2013

Excerpt of the piece

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