Our Edinburgh Fringe 2015 recommendations

Here are the shows we think you should see during the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.  Click the links to book tickets.

Our show!  Vertical Influences

Traces by 7 doigts de la main
We revere this company and everything they do.  Traces has all the acrobatics and impressive tricks, but it’s more about an intelligent way to choreograph and stage circus.

Electro Trad Cabaret by Cirque Alfonse
Our neighbours!  We drink at the same tavern in Montreal and really like these performers.
Get drunk, get a party together and go have a blast at this weird show inspired from the victorian carney freak shows of our little province of Québec.  The music is awesome blending Québec folk music with electro.


L’Enfant Qui by T1J
We saw this show last year and loved it.  This belgian circus troop will bring you in a mysterious universe alive with the dreams of a strange kid.  Masterfully controlled acrobatic, beautiful live cello music, hypnotizing puppetry.



We hope to see more shows and recommend you more little gems soon.
If you’re an artist, we’re up for ticket exchanges.  Email us: info@lepatinlibre.com