Honorary member 2015-2016: Cathy Levy

November 2015:
The administrators and the artists of Le Patin Libre named Cathy Levy, the dance executive producer of the National Arts Centre of Ottawa, as an honorary member of the company.

We chose to express our gratitude toward Mrs. Levy, who was the first Canadian programmer to give a professional artistic presentation opportunity to Le Patin LIbre.  Mrs. Levy produced the Canadian premiere of Vertical Influences in Ottawa, in February 2015.


A word from the artistic director and skating-artist Alexandre Hamel

Even if Le Patin Libre is active since 2006 and gaining international recognition since 2012, our company was never invited in Canada to present its creations in a professional artistic context.

Mrs. Levy understood the potential of our company as we were working on Vertical Influences, in 2014.  She offered us the support of the National Arts Centre as a co-producer of the double-bill and visited us in a many ice rinks to follow the evolution of our work and to advise us.

She respected our atypical process and our choice to choreograph the work ourselves even if it would have been much easier to use a well-known choreographer. Without this understanding of our desire to create something entirely new, I don’t think that our contemporary ice-skating would presently be organically and authentically blooming as it’s doing now.

Mrs. Levy also positioned the National Arts Centre as the first Canadian artistic presenter to understand the potential of an off-site presentation at the local ice rink.  She made it happen by forging an high-quality partnership with the Minto Skating Club.  This local amateur ice-skating club became an important ally of the Ottawa presentations of Vertical Influences and enabled dozens of figure skating enthusiasts to witness contemporary performing art for the very first time.

Thanks, Cathy!