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Vertical Influences:
 Double-bill. Our first abstract creation.  
Skaters Anonymous
: About a therapy.  Weirdly narrative.  Formally experimental.
Dirty Laundry:
a documentary “best-of” about our little story
This is contemporary ice skating: combines a performance and a party
short and accessible shows, composed from excerpts of our pieces


From left to right: Alexandre Hamel (Canada), Pascale Jodoin (Canada), Samory Ba (France), Taylor Dilley (Canada), Jasmin Boivin (Canada)


Le Patin Libre is a contemporary ice skating company from Montréal, Canada.  This performance art uses ice, skates and glide as medias.  Some people see our work as a form of “contemporary dance on ice”.

The first collective was founded in 2005 par by ex high-level figure skaters.  They regrouped with the intention of transforming their athleticism into a mean of free expression.  Far from sparkles, stereotypes and champions’ demos, the creations of Le Patin Libre propose real works of art exploiting the amazing choreographic and theatrical potential of glide.

Artistic Approach
Since 2005 and its first demonstrations on frozen ponds, Le Patin Libre evolved a lot.  What started as a little spontaneous explosion is now refined into an intelligent artistic project.  “The new skating style” slowly became a new performance art form in its own right.  At the base of our work, there is one great question: “what is skating?”  Until now, our research projects always bring us back to the same thing: glide.  Glide is the possibility to imprint movement on immobile bodies.  It is the uniqueness of our dance.  It is the magic we play with, until it becomes a vertigo, for our own enjoyment and the one of our public.

Community based approach
Between dance, sport and play, skating is a very special activity.  Although we are committed to its artistic existence, we also celebrate its identity as a form of leisure and its important place in the culture in which our project was born.  We are particularly thrilled by the various initiatives making skating a dance accessible to everybody.  We dream about ice rinks opened to all and redefined into cultural centers and dance halls.  With our tours in small winter events for family and other initiatives, we are active in various organized or spontaneous activities where people can live magical moments on ice rinks.

What some medias said about us:
« the attitude and energy of street dance with all the speed and elegance of a flock of birds »  – Fest Mag, UK, 2015
« Splendid ice-olation »   – TimeOut London, UK, 2012
« A real performance art »   – Le Figaro, France, 2012
« the crowd did well to rush there… It’s great art.»   – L’Yonne Rép., France, 2010
« A little revolution. »   – La Presse, Canada, 2012

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Our actual partners:
Patinoire CityGlace, Le Mans, France
Atrium Le 1000, Montréal, Canada
National Arts Center, Ottawa, Canada
Dance Umbrella Festival, London, UK
Sadler’s Wells theatre, London, UK
Le Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec
Le Conseil des Arts du Canada
Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal
Diversité Artistique Montréal

Our communication partners:
So Montréal
Le mûr mitoyen