Upcoming events

Fall 2015: Festive public skating in Montreal – CANCELLED
Fall 2015: Supplementaries of Vertical Influences in Montreal – CANCELLED
November-December 2015: European tour
Jan. 12th to 16th 2016: Vertical at Somerset House, London, UK
March 12th 2016, 20h30: Supplementary of Vertical Influences in Montreal btn_buynow_LG
March 12th 2016, 20h30: Supplementary of Vertical Influences in Montreal btn_buynow_LG
March 12th 2016, 20h30: Supplementary of Vertical Influences in Montreal btn_buynow_LG
March 12th 2016, 20h30: Supplementary of Vertical Influences in Montreal btn_buynow_LG
June 14th to 17th 2016: Vertical Influences at the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, off-site
France, England, Norway, USA, Canada: get ready… more dates announced soon.

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Oct. 7th 2015
We promised supplementaries of Vertical Influences when we were full, last winter.  We had to cancel this Fall.  Thanks to the determination of our self-presenting artists and to the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, that will let us borrow its indoor rink, we are able to confirm supplementaries of Vertical Influences in Montreal in March 2016.

Sept. 8th 2015
We sadly announce the cancellation of our Fall 2015 season in Montreal.  We were supposed to present supplementaries of Vertical Influences and festive public skating sessions.  People who bought tickets will be reimbursed.  Producing our events without support in Montreal has become too demanding for our little organization.  For more explanations, click here.

August 31st 2015
Vertical Influences wins the Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance 2015.  This award is given each year at the end of the festival season in Edinburgh.

August 2nd 2015
We are proud to announce our participation to the Bodysurf Festival in Scotland in early September 2015. Vertical Influences will be presented in Inverness.

August 11th 2015
We are happy to announce our upcoming return to London.  Dance Umbrella Festival and Somerset House will present Vertical, the second piece of the double-bill Vertical Influences.  We will perform on an outdoor ice rink transformed into a theatre, for the occasion.  Official announcement is here.

August 9th 2015
Of course, we’d like you to come see our show Vertical Influences, at the Edinburgh Fringe.  But we’d also like to recommend you other great shows.  Here’s our artists’ suggestions for your Fringe.

August 2nd 2015
We are proud to announce our participation in the Bodysurf Scotland Festival.  On September 5th 2015, we will perform Vertical Influences in Inverness, Scotland.

July 18th 2015
We need your help to rent an ice rink in Edinburgh.  To present Vertical Influences at the Fringe 2015, we need to rent a very expensive ice rink.  Your little donations will help us pay for that.  Here’s our Kickstarter campaign.

June 2nd 2015
Since most of the performances of Vertical Influences in Montreal, last winter, were sold out, we are happy to announce a series of supplementaries in October and November 2015.  Special deals for early-bird online buys are now available here and only for a limited time.

April 24th 2015
We announce our second participation to the biggest art festival in the world: the Edinburgh Fringe.  Last year, we tested the grounds with a short showcase and ice dancing parties.  This year, we’re going all out with a full show: Vertical Influences.
There will be 14 performances at the uniquely vintage Murrayfield Ice Rink.

April 17th 2015
It’s spring and happy times for Le Patin Libre.  Our stay in Montréal, even if it was done “indie” style and with a microscopic budget, was extraordinary!  1152 tickets sold for the Quebec Vertical Influences and 4 shows out of 6 were sold out.  We also welcomed more than 1000 people from our underprivileged neighbourhood in free sociocultural activities we organized at our local rink.  Here’s a “thank you” video for our kickstarter donators who partially funded the project in Hochelaga.

March 1st 2015
Vertical Influences played in front of sold out audiences in Ottawa, under the invitation of the National Arts Centre.  The company is now back in Montreal to prepare the Quebec premiere of the show in St-Louis Arena in Montreal.

Nov 1st 2014
Vertical Influences receives critical acclaim in London, UK, for its world premiere.
The Guardian gives a rare perfect 5 stars review to the piece.
The London Evening Standard gives 4 stars.
The Times gives 4 stars
Click on the links to see the articles.  We’re playing the same piece in Montreal in March 2015 and in Ottawa in February 2015

Sept. 17th
The London Evening Standard does a 2 page special about us and our upcoming world premieres of Vertical Influences at the Dance Umbrella Festival.  Click here to see the article.

Sept. 16th 2014
We are in Le Mans, France.  The CityGlace ice rink is welcoming us for a 6 weeks creation residence.  Here, we will finish the production of ‘Vertical Influences’ and propose exciting cultural education activities on ice to school groups.

August 25th 2014:
We just finished a run of 12 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is one of the biggest performing arts festival in the world. We welcomed numerous and enthusiastic audiences and excellent reviews. Amongst others, one from the BBC.

June 30th 2014
We wish to thank all our partners, for our  Edinburgh Festival Fringe presentations: the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, the Délégation générale du Québec à Londres, and Aurora Nova.

June 2nd 2014
It’s official, now.  We’re doing the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  We’ll present This is Contemporary Ice Skating in partnership with Aurora Nova.

May 15th 2014
For our OFF Montréal Complètement Cirque event, we’ll give free tickets to citizens of the Ville-Marie Borough of Montreal.  The distribution will happen at 3 community events of the borough happening on May 17th 2014.  All the info is here, only in French, sorry.

May 6th 2014:
We are looking for new administrators to sit on the administration committee of our not-for-profit organization.  It’s a rare occasion to join an ultra-dynamic and successful governing team now facing the exciting challenge of an accelerated growth.  Lisez ceci, pour plus d’informations.

April 17th 2014
We will be in the fringes of the Montréal Complètement Cirque festival.  It’s turning 5 years old, this summer… It’s time for a “off”!  We will propose a show and party at an ice rink hidden right downtown, a few minutes walk away from Quartier des spectacles.

March 10th 2014:
Nearly 1000 people came to our Semaine de relâche in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve!  We’re already at work to do it again this year.  With this kind of support, we’re confident it will happen again!  The ice rink for everybody, through culture and party!

Feb. 25th 2014:
We announce our participation to Art Souterrain.  We’ll do short performances at Atrium 1000 De La Gauchetière at 12h30 and 16h30, on March 14th 2014.

Feb. 23rd 2014:
We won the LOJIQ Monde award at the Bourse RIDEAU.  A great support for our international development.

Feb. 15th 2014:
We’re launching in a great way our implication in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood in Montreal.  All through the spring break, we’ll propose free shows and festive activities at the rink.

Jan. 19th 2014:
As Canada’s great winter give us free ice time, we’re back in Montreal.  We are proposing a great programming to Montrealers: free performances, parties, demos.  And we’ll tour about 10 cities in 3 provinces.

Dec. 1st 2013:
Back in exile / residence in France.  This time the ice rink of Le Mans welcome us.  Thanks CityGlace!  During the next month, we will also propose cultural events and shows in 9 cities of France and Switzerland.

Oct. 8th 2013:
We are back in Montreal, working on a new piece and preparing ice dancing parties for everybody (even if you can’t skate) in a local ice rink.  We call those ‘Les Samedis soirs du Patin Libre’.

Sept. 24th 2013:
We are now in London, doing a research residency supported by the Jerwood program of the Sadler’s Well Theatre.

Aug. 16th 2013:
We are now in Berlin, preparing our upcoming performances and developing new work.  As a summer side-project, we also started to dance on roller-skates.  We jam every Sunday at Mauerpark.

July 26th 2013:
We will do a research residency at the Jerwood Studio of the Sadler’s Wells theatre, in London, UK.  Of course, most of the activities will be “off-site”, at a nearby ice rink.  Thanks to Sadler’s Wells theatre and the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec.

July 17th 2013:
We’re bringing contemporary ice skating in Berlin, Germany, for the very first time!  In partnership with the organization eiskunst-werkstatt, we’ll propose the event ‘What is contemporary ice skating?’

March 12th 2013:
Another review for ‘Skaters Anonymous’, now premiering in Montréal, Canada:  Click here for the review by Victor Swoboda, dance critic for ‘The Gazette’, Montreal’s english daily.

March 12th 2013:
The first review for ‘Skaters Anonymous’, now premiering in Montréal, Canada:
Click here for the Danscussions review by Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler

Jan. 13th 2013: By clicking those links, you can see some of our appearances in the medias in London:  BBC feature, The Stage’s review, London Dance’s review

Jan. 11th 2013: Great news!  After our last London performance in Alexandra Palace, on January 20th at 5:30pm, we will throw a big dancing party on ice.  Our spectators will be invited to put skates on and to party and dance on the sounds of DJ JBee.  Click here for the Facebook event.

Jan. 10th 2013: Our British premier of ‘The Rule of 3’ felt like a success!  We bowed twice and had a numerous audience who laughed and gazed in silence exactly as we were hoping they would.

Jan. 3rd 2013: Excerpts of our new piece are online.  Click here.

Jan.1st 2013: End of our creation residency in Monéteau, France.  After 3 months of isolation in a small ice rink, we now have something to test and try in front of audiences.  First stop: London (Alexandra Palace and Brixton Ice Rink).

Dec.22nd 2012: The collective ofered special events to introduce school children to contemporary performance art in Auxerre.  And we gave hundreds of free tickets to young ice skaters for the UK premier of ‘The Rule of 3’ at Alexandra Palace in London.  We’re really proud to play a little education role.

Nov. 18th 2012: The first appearances of Le Patin Libre in London were a great moment for the collective.   Click here for a video.  The small and discrete ice rink of Brixton was filled with an enthusiastic audience who, as the artists felt, really understood what contemporary ice skating is about.  Le Patin Libre is now back in France.

Nov. 5th 2012: The collective wishes to thank the organizing committee of -5°C SUR SCÈNE festival for providing them an amazing opportunity to present the premiere of its new creation.  This new performance art festival enchanted all our artists and we were pleased by the audience reaction to “The Rule of 3”.  We are looking forward the 2013 edition.  Thanks to Gary Beacom, Paul Duchesnay and Sébatsien Lefrançois for their presence as juries and mentors.  Congrats to our artists who presented their personal work in the contest: Pascale Jodoin, Samory Ba (Jury’s Award), Alexandre Hamel and Jasmin Boivin.

October 16th 2012: The collective wishes to thank the people of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon for their support and enthusiasm.  “Confidences” was presented twice on the small French island.  A series of pictures can be found here.

September 29th 2012: With the help of the Canadian Council for the Arts and of the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the collective is in a creation residency in Auxerre, in France.  The artists work during the less frequented public skating hours and when the rink is closed.  They work on a new exploratory piece.

July 23rd 2012: Le Patin Libre announces part of its 2012-2013 season programming: France, England, Canada…. Lots of action, this year!

July 6th 2012: In Basingstoke, England, Samory Ba and Alexandre Hamel skated for a good cause in a charity event organized for a young figure skater needing special medical treatment. The info and the videos are here.

June 24th 2012: A great news on the national holiday of Quebecers: the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec (Québec’s council for the arts and litterature) will support Le Patin Libre for the first time by funding a part of the costs of our next creation and research residency.

May 29th 2012: Pascale Jodoin was at the Québec Parliament to receive a prize for the collective: the 2012 cultural award of Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Québec. This organization supports projects of Québec’s young talents in order to support their first steps on international markets. See more about the award and the ceremony.

April 20th 2012: Artists of the collective will take part in the pre-meetings of the “-5 on stage” performance art festival.  See a video about it here.